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SHD, SHO, SHR humidity sensor series specification.


The documentation states in different ways that the sensors are both 0-95% and 0-100% RH range.


SHD100 006902321
SHD100-T 006902331
SHD101-T5 006902381
SHD101-T6 6902411

SHO100 006902361
SHO100-T 006902371
SHO101-T5 006902401

SHR100 006902340
SHR100-T 006902350
SHR100-T5 006902390


Different RH (Relative Humidity) values are listed in the documentation, and needs to be explained. 


Ranges are divided into "measuring range" and "working range".


Measuring range: 0…100% r.H.

Working range:   10…100% r.H. ( non condensing )


Normally 100% r.H. is already water but it is possible to have 100% r.H. in air- or gas form.

Sensor works at 100% r.H. in air but not if pure water is present.

This is why “non condensing” is added. In this case working range is 10…100%.

If we don’t add “non condensing”,  specification should read: 10…95% r.H.

 Sensor will not become damaged because of condensing.

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