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SNMP Flashing options for Netcontrollers and BCXs


SNMP Flashing options for Netcontrollers and BCXs


All Continuum master controllers




BCXs & Netcontrollers can be in 3 states:

  1. SNMP Standard is how all controllers are shipped by default. This means that the controller model and some other object info can be obtained via SNMP.
  2. SNMP Alarming Enabled means Standard SNMP as well as SNMP Alarming is enabled in order to send alarms to a network management system. This is a paid for option either initially when the controller is ordered or by contacting repair. To enable this option in the field, repair sends a file and instructions after payment.
  3. SNMP Disabled means that no SNMP information will come from the controller.

Upgrading controllers with future firmware versions

Depending on which SNMP option state the controller is in will determine the application flash that should be used going forward. Selecting the incorrect file can disable or re-enable SNMP options.


  • v1.5300x SNMP Not Set means no SNMP options will be changed when upgrading firmware
  • v1.5300x Standard SNMP means use with Standard SNMP (default)
  • v1.5300x SNMP Alarming Enabled means use when SNMP Alarming is enabled
    (Not Set could be used also since it will not change the enabled option)
  • v1.53 SNMP Disable means this will disable All SNMP traffic, Standard and Alarming


Use the default firmware upgrade after SNMP is enabled. If you use the BCX SNMP Disable flash files and then upgrade to a newer version of firmware, you will have to run the disable flash file again to disable SNMP.

NOTE: The flash files used to disable SNMP are posted on The Exchange.

Note2: If the flash file doesn't enable the options because it was sitting at resetting controller,  Reload the controller which will force a reset and then try the flash file again.

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