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SNVT's not updating Menta inputs in a 731


SNVT's that have been directly connected to a Menta application are not being updated.

The value of the SNVT is not the same as the value in the corresponding Menta application.


Vista 5.1.7

Xenta 700 series


The Menta application is running too fast and sending to many requests out to the LonWorks network.

You can see that the LonWorks network is running at very high levels if you use a LonWorks protocol analyzer.

For example. 20 SNVT'S are directly connected to RI's in a Menta application running at Medium/Fast (500ms cycle)

This would mean that every 500 ms 20 request would be processed to the LonWorks network.

The 731 can only process around 15 request per second. The above example would be requesting 40 samples per second. 


The best solution for this problem is to use the connection object to connect SNVT's into Menta.

Here is a link to Lessons Learned Article #4978 for connection objects.

The transfer rate can then be modified to slow down the LonWorks request through the 731.

In the default setting for a connection object the transfer period is 10 seconds.

To help with network request this time can be modified to prime numbers or realistic values for you application.

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