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SNVT_str_asc capabilities in Menta


  • SNVT_str_asc (ASCII string) is being brought into/sent out of Menta.
  • SNVT output for "location" required by job specs.
  • What are the capabilities for handling ASCII strings in Menta?


  • Menta 5
  • SNVT_str_asc


Menta does not have a very robust ASCII string handling, but it can be done.


Menta can use special modes on the PIDI block to encode/decode ASCII characters into decimal character values. Macro libraries exist to perform these actions:

  1. Right click in the white space in Menta and select "Load Macro..."
  2. Navigate to Macro Block Library > Miscellaneous > SNVT
    1. Load str_asc_OUT2.AUT for an example of outputting a SNVT_str_asc
    2. Load str_asc_IN343.AUT for an example of inputting a SNVT_str_asc
    3. Different string handling applications are available:
      • Str_asc_IN3.AUT
      • Str_asc_IN248.AUT
      • Str_asc_INtext.AUT
      • Str_asc_OUT2.AUT
      • Str_asc_to_str_int.AUT
      • Str_int_IN_OUT1.AUT
      • Str_int_IN343.AUT
      • Str_int_OUT2.AUT
      • Str_int_to_str_asc.AUT
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