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SNVT_switch_2 in Menta


How to use SNVT_switch_2 in TAC Menta


TAC Vista 5.1.6

TAC Menta 5.1.6



Though the SNVT_switch_2 is added into LonMark SNVT Master list. This SNVT is not included in TAC Menta to use. But there is a work around to use this SNVT.


The work around to use this SNVT_switch_2 in TAC Menta is as follows:

  1. Click here to download the required files.
  2. Shutdown the TAC Vista Server. (If the Vista Server running as a service, stop the service and shut down)
  3. Copy the "tac_snvt.xml" to folder "C:\Program Files\Common Files\TAC Shared"
  4. Copy the "taxif.ini" to folder "C:\Program Files\Schneider Electric\TAC Menta 5.1.6"
  5. Please look in the example for usage, Especially the member "setting", have to scale depends on usage.
  6. Bind the LON device with SNVT_switch_2 to a Xenta with the Menta file.

For reference, please look into enclosed "demo_sw2-MTA" file.

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