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SPD910 hysteresis


Details on hysteresis of the SPD910 series sensors


004701090 SPD910
2000Pa Switch Pres Air

004701080 SPD910
1000Pa Switch Pres Air

004701070 SPD910
500Pa Switch Pres Air

004701060 SPD910
300Pa Switch Pres Air


In some applications the hysteresis of the sensor is important


There are 2 types which can switch the 300 Pa:  - SPD910-300Pa and SPD910-500Pa.
The hysteresis or switching differs from type to type because of range and the clip feather.

In general they are as follows:
SPD910-300Pa             0,1mbar +/-15%
SPD910-500Pa             0,2mbar +/-15%
SPD910-1000Pa           0,4mbar +/-15%
SPD910-2000Pa           1,0mbar +/-15%

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