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SQL 2008 Install Tips.


DBCreate unable to run after installation.

If installing I/NET on new PCs or upgrading to 2.42 and DBCreate does not start after selecting it from Programs > I/NET >DBCreate. 


SQL 2008 on Server 2008, Windows 7 and Windows XP .


The SQL Browser needs to be enabled in the Services to get it to run.


  1. Run the SQL 2005 Backward Compatibility 64-bit option or 32-bit based on the OS.
  2. Restart I/NET Configuration Editor, modify the active profile and click on the Connections button.
  3. Verify that the database shown is the correct one that is being connected to and click on the okay button.
  4. Start I/NET again and verify that you can login and start the program again.

See Article #5466 for information that may also be helpful.

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