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STR-150 Not Compatible With Software Version 1.1 Xenta 100 Series Controllers


  • The STR-150 Wall Module with Display is not compatible with Xenta 100 controllers that are earlier than SW-version 1.2.
  • The space temperature (nvoSpaceTemp) is displaying an invalid or default value (either 621.81 degrees Fahrenheit or 327.67 degrees Celsius). In newer versions of Vista the value will display "Invalid Value".


  • STR-150
  • Xenta 101-VF
  • Xenta 102-ES
  • Xenta 103-A
  • Xenta 104-A


Software for Xenta 100 series controllers previous to version 1.2 is not compatible the STR-150 wall module.


The STR-150 is only compatible with Xenta 100 series controllers that are software version 1.2 or later.

If a wall module with display is required for a Xenta 100 controller with software that is older than version 1.2 there are two possible solutions:

  1. An identical Xenta controller can be purchased with the latest software version to replace the old controller.
  2. An STR-350 stat can be used and connected to the Xenta controller via SNVT bindings.
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