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Schlage SERIII Weigand Keypad


Schlage SERIII Weigand Keypad functionality in Continuum for 26 Bit.


Continuum version 1.94 and above.


The functionality of the Schlage SERIII Weigand Keypad is limited to only sending whatever 4 or 5 Digits are entered on the keypad. It can only do a Site Code or Site Code + Card for 26 Bits in Continuum. This is set on the rotary switches that are on the back of the device. PIN Only and Infinity 37 Bit are not supported by this reader.


To set this up the following procedure can be used:

  1. Without powering up the keypad, remove the rear rubber rotary cover for the switches

Rotate dials to match Site Code on the top two dials

  1. Change the Mode on the lower dial to Mode 2, 3 or 5 for 26 Bit depending on the amount of digits desired
  2. Verify that the door that it is being used on is setup correctly for that format
  3. Once completed, power up the unit
  4. Verify the keys displayed are scrambled after turning on
  5. Enter desired digits depending on the mode set up in step 3 to test functionality

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