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Schlage WRI integration with ABA Readers.


Invalid Attempt on Card Read


Schlage Integration with Continuum version 1.94 and above..


When an ABA card is read on an ABA reader using the X-Driver,connected to a WRI (Wireless Remote Interface) an Invalid attempt is displayed in the Live Events Window. This is because the leading 0's are not being recognized by the driver.


To resolve this there is a rotary switch on the reader itself that needs to be turned to #3. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Remove power or unplug the power source.
  2. Slide the reader off the mounting kit.
  3. Using a small screw driver, gently pry the circuit board off the reader assembly
  4. The switch is a small rotary knob with numbers displayed on it.
  5. Using the screw driver, gently turn the dial to #4, this allows the reader to display all ABA digits, plus 10 leading and trailing 0's, as well as clock & data output.
  6. Once finished, reassemble the reader and verify functionality.


Make sure the ABA card is being swiped in the correct direction unless the reader supports card swipe in either direction (not all readers supports this).

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