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Schneider Electric Building Automation Systems and FDA Compliance


The FDA requires Building Automation systems to meet their standards which are outlined in Chapter 21 CFR and FDA Part 11.


  • Vista
  • I/NET
  • Andover Continuum
  • TAC I/A-series
  • Satchwell Sigma


Finding documentation on Schneider Electric Building Automation Systems which comply to The Food and Drug Administration rules.


  • I/NET - currently unavailable
  • Andover Continuum
    With the addition of the 21 CFR Part 11 compliance pack, Continuum can meets these requirements.

Note: Validation to 21CFR Part 11 can only be performed on whole operational systems and as such, a sub-system comprising the Satchwell Sigma building management system cannot be validated in it own right. Satchwell Sigma would normally be validated as part of a whole operational system.

  • TAC I/A Series - currently unavailable
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