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Schneider Electric Heat Meter Multical 602 - Pulse output card.


Selection and installation of a pulsed output module.


Heat Meter

Multical 602

Pulsed output module

No pulses


Installed card does not give output pulses.


Selection of the output card.

The Schneider Electric part number is MAPULSETOPC and this is the equivalent to Kamstrup part number 602-0C

This card will provide 2 pulse outputs for energy and volume, CE and CV respectively. Normally, energy (CE) is connected to 16-17 and volume (CV) to 18-19, but other combinations can be selected via the PC program METERTOOL, also used to select pulse duration 32 or 100 ms.

The MAPULSETOPC is actually a top module, which means that it is fitted into the top piece of the MC602 calculator, basically the inside LCD cover. This is released by pressing downwards in the middle of the plastic piece on the left, and at the same time pushing the top module towards the left.

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