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Security Expert EliteSuite Touch Keypad cannot be brought online


The ELT-KLCS Keypad is offline in the Client and shows ' Keypad 256 error address size' on screen

If you attempt to adjust the Keypad Address in the Client it is not even visible


Security Expert ELT-KLCS


ELT-KLCS Keypads are normally delivered brand new to site with a default Keypad Address of 256 which the SP-C controllers cannot use and the Security Expert Client cannot even recognise to change the address via software


The Keypad's address must be manually changed to a value between 1 - 254 using its touch pad

The full document from which this extract was taken can be found here



Once the Keypad Address has been set to a value between 1- 254 the Keypad should then be visible to the Client and you should be able to bring it online as usual.

The ELT-KLCS Keypad will now display 'Security Expert by Schneider' by default

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