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See a log of which users have logged in and out of a TAC Xenta server


How to see a log of which users have logged in and logged out of a TAC Xenta server.


  • Xenta Server
  • Xenta 511, 527, 701, 711, 721, 731, 913


At times it may be desirable to audit who has accessed a Xenta server.


  1. Open Internet Explorer and log into the TAC Xenta Server.
  2. Go to Configuration > Events > Log in detection and select what type of logins you want to see.
  3. After doing this you can see the log-ins in TAC Vistas event viewer. 
  4. If you also want to see them in the web interface, you have to add an event page in XBuilder.
  5. When you add the event page it will ask you to select a filter configuration file. It will default to a folder called Event types, go up one level from here and select the System folder, select the file called DebugEvents.xmle.
  6. After downloading the XBuilder projects the login information (and some other useful stuff) will be available in the new event page. 
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