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Seeing 0x00001427 errors in controller error log after a controller warm start.


Seeing 0x00001427 Bad RTC chip errors in controller error log along with controller warm start errors. Controller error log contains entries similar to below. 


01/01/1989 00:01:10.33 0x00001427       0x04070400       0x02028922       0x00000001       0x0000000 

               HardwareErr__ Bad RTC chip

04/16/2011 09:47:24.93 0x00030000       0x00216500       0x00105c62       0x00000000       0x00000000

               Warm start

01/01/1989 00:00:00.94 0x00001427       0x00201900       0x0011edba      0x00000001       0x00000000

                HardwareErr__ Bad RTC chip


Continuum Controllers


The error is a time related error but may not indicate that there is a physical problem with the controllers Real Time Clock (RTC). This can be due to an issue occuring on startup of a controller where there may be requests for time from COV updates. If that request comes in prior to the RTC clock coming up, it can post this error. The COV code will post this error and then try again later. 


If this error occurs after a restart of the controller then this is more than likely a benign error and can be ignored. However, if it occurs when the controller hasn’t just restarted then it could be an actual fault with the RTC chip and may need to be returned for repair.

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