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Selecting/De-selecting Image Verification in AMT


Selecting/De-selecting Image Verification in AMT


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How does one Select/Deselect Image Verification in AMT?


With the inception of Image verification in AMT, the following steps should be used for the Selection and De-Selection process:

  1. For Selection, Open AMT, Select the Edit button in the Task Bar.
  2. Select Image Verification, in this editor the user can choose what they want to be displayed on the screen when the image appears.
  3. Select the Actions button, select Auto-Image Verification and select the doors that are being used for this application.
  4. Click OK, once a user who has access to these doors reads their card, their image will appear on the screen.

Following these steps can do the De-Selection process:

  1. With the Image on the screen, select the Actions Button.
  2. A Check mark will be displayed at the Auto-Image Verification.
  3. Uncheck the mark and the Image will disappear.

Note: An image needs to be associated with each individual.

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