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Sending Alarm to a printer.


How does CyberStation determine which printer to send alarms to when EventNotification is configured to print the alarm.




Question on Alarm printing configuration.


When an alarm is configured to be sent to a printer, if no printer has been specified in the preferences of the Workstation receiving the alarm then the default printer configured at the PC is used. To use a different printer open the CyberStation object from the Continuum Explorer at the workstation receiving the alarm and enter the full path to the printer in the “Path to the Alarm Printer” field using the format  \\Server-Name\Printer-Name

Example: \\ServerBoston-001\PR-HP3800N

When CyberStation receives an alarm, if the EventNotification specifies that the alarm is to be printed, CyberStation will use the named printer instead of the default printer.

  1. In the EventNotification, make sure the "Print Alarm" option is ticked in the Actions tab.
  2. On the Delivery tab, check that the WS is configured as "Primary Print".
  3. Test your alarm against the Microsoft XPS printer by selecting this as your default (right-click on the printer and select "set as default printer")and then triggering an alarm.
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