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Sensor Calibration certificate, Veris portfolio



A calibration certificate is sometimes requested by the end customer


Veris sensors



To ensure that a sensor is keeping measurement values within specification, a certificate is sometimes requested by the end customer.


Calibration certificates are available for some Veris models and must be requested at the time of ordering by selecting  “N” in NIST block for 1% and 2% humidity transmitters. Temperature transmitters can be ordered with 1 or 2 point calibration certificates by selecting 1 or 2 in the in the Temp Cert Block.

The following example shows how the model numbers are built up:

As can be seen in the second example above the model HD2NVCTC2 has a 2% accuracy RH element with a NIST traceable certificate, it also has a 1K platinum RTD with a 2 point  calibration certificate.

For information on NIST traceability see the National Institute of Standards and Technology website

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