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Sensor pocket thread specification


Thread size/standard.




Pocket STP 50mm Brass  9121040000
Pocket STP 100mm Brass  9121041000
Pocket STP 150mm Brass  9121042000
Pocket STP 200mm Brass  9121043000
Pocket STP 250mm Brass  9121044000
Pocket STP 300mm Brass  9121045000
Pocket STP 400mm Brass  9121046000
Pocket STP 50mm Stainl.steel 9121050000
Pocket STP 100mm Stainl.steel 9121051000

Pocket STP 150mm Stainl.steel 9121052000
Pocket STP 200mm Stainl.steel 9121053000
Pocket STP 250mm Stainl.steel 9121054000
Pocket STP 300mm Stainl.steel 9121055000
Pocket STP 400mm Stainl.steel 9121056000


This information is necessary if an adaptor or similar is required for installation.


The thread is of cylindrical type, and follows DIN 228 and BSP (British Standard Pipe) which both are identical.

Size of thread is G1/2.

For additional information on Pocket materials, please see Lessons Learned Article #7174 and Lessons Learned Article #7274.

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