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Service Not Changeable error


When trying to create a mirrored network variable or manually create a SNVT binding the error "Service Not Changeable" is given. 


  • Building Operation Workstation
  • LonWorks Interface


If the "Changeable binding type" property of a network variable that is being bound is No, then there are only specific binding types that can be used. 


To check the "Changeable binding type" property, right click on the network variable > click Properties > click on the Extended Settings tab. 


Manually creating network variable bindings

Make sure that the correct binding profile is chosen which complies with the device template of the controller. 

Creating mirrored network variables

If the "Service Not Changeable" error is given when creating a mirrored network variables, it is because the default binding profile does not comply with the network variable properties. To change the default binding profile, see WH#11229.

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