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Set the clock on an MNB-1000 Plant Controller


Set the clock on an MNB-1000 Plant Controller


MNB-1000 Plant Controller


Needs to set the clock in the MNB-1000.


Access the MNB-1000 controller via the WorkPlace Commissioning Tool then open the Properties page for that controller.  There are two ways to open the device properties page.  You can double click on the device in the device list or right-click on the device and select Properties.   The following window opens:


Figure-1: MNB-1000 Device Properties Window

Click the [Device Clock] button (circled above).  The following pop-out menu is displayed:


Clicking the [Set Clock] selection will synchronize the clock in the MNB-1000 to the clock in the local computer.  The time and date will be updated on the screen (see highlighted section of Figure-1, above).

Clicking the [Set Time Zone] selection will allow the user to specify the time-zone configuration for the MNB-1000.

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