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Setpoint adjustment using a physical input does not work on Xenta 121


  • Setpoint adjustment using a physical input doesn't work on the Xenta 121.
  • Effective Setpoint has a value of 95°F


  • ZBuilder 4.xx - 5.0.1
  • Xenta 121-HP
  • Xenta 121-FC


A problem in ZBuilder improperly adjusted the Temperature Offset Wheel Scaling units.


  1. Upgrade to Zbuilder 5.0.2 or higher
  2. Manually change the SCPTmaxRemoteTempSetpoint and SCPTminRemoteTempSetpoint using the following formula
    Degrees offset * 1.8 + 32

All values should be entered as positive.


2 degrees up and 5 down results in a maxRemoteTempSetpoint of 35.6 and minRemoteTempSetpoint of 42.8.

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