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Setpoint value changed after performing a download of a XBuilder project into a Xenta Server.


A change is made to a public signal in TAC Vista Workstation, which was created in a Xenta Server XBuilder project, changed back to the initial value after performing a download to this Xenta Server.


  • Xenta Servers (Xenta 511, Xenta 515, Xenta 555, Xenta 527, Xenta 701, Xenta 711, Xenta 721, Xenta 731, Xenta 913)
  • XBuilder
  • Tested with Windows Server 2003, Window XP SP3


If a path name is changed of a signal, for example, change the "the site name" folder name to another name, Vista consider this change as a major change, and Workstation will not be able to find the new path of the signal. Therefore, the signal will return to the initial value which is initialized in the Menta object.


  1. Suggestion is making all the infrastructure change at the beginning if you can.
  2. If there is a need to change the path, make sure all the initial values are reflect to the current values in Workstation. Then, make the download to the Xenta Server.
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