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Setting default BACnet priority levels in StruxureWare Building Operation


Setting the default BACnet priority levels for different applications avoids priority conflicts by normalizing which priority gets used for a specific action or within a specific application


StruxureWare Building Operation


Different StruxureWare applications may act upon BACnet objects utilizing different BACnet priority levels. This may cause confusion and can keep the system from operating as expected.


UPDATE 8-27-2013:

As mentioned in the original statement below, at the time this article changing the default Bacnet Priority Level was not an option. Bacnet objects created with SmartStruxure (1.4 and higher) will have a default Bacnet Priority of 16 unless specified otherwise.  This new feature will allow the default Bacnet Priority to be changed to the customer needs.

Original statement:

At the time that this article is being written, August 9, 2012, the current version of StruxureWare Building Operation (v. 1.2) does not allow the user to change the default BACnet priority levels for the various StruxureWare applications. The ability to change the default BACnet priority levels is a common feature in many systems including in Continuum. R&D is working to make this feature available in a future release of StruxureWare Building Operation although it is not known at this time in which release it will be included.

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