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Seven Reports in various Crystal Versions.


Upgrading to the newer versions of I/NET Seven and Crystal Reports are not working.


All versions of I/NET Software using Crystal Reports.


Because of differences between versions of the Crystal Reports runtime engines, any reports that you save in SevenReports 2.21 or later will not be compatible with SevenReports 2.20 or earlier. If you intend to continue using a report on SevenReports 2.20 or earlier systems, do not save the report in SevenReports 2.21 or later.


The reports that come with TAC I/NET Seven are preconfigured to use the default instance of SQL Server. If you have configured your system to use any other instance of SQL Server for TAC I/NET Seven’s database, you must manually define the database settings for each TAC I/NET Seven report you intend to use.

The SevenReports application allows you to create and print reports containing information from one or more databases, including TAC I/NET Seven database views.

Using SevenReports, you can generate:

  • Standard Reports – Standard reports are pre-configured to contain basic TAC I/NET Seven data. Each report contains the full range of data available (i.e., all of the database records in the appropriate tables). TAC I/NET Seven includes over 30 canned reports.
  • Custom Reports – SevenReports allows you to create custom reports by selecting database views, selecting fields, creating links between the fields, and designing the report layout.

All reports may be previewed on the monitor screen prior to printing. Some reports, such as those containing tenant information, allow you to specify a range of data to include in the printed report.

This allows you to print a report that concentrates on specific information.

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