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Shadow object does not exist for third party LON device being integrated into a UNC.


Using a Dynamic Device in a UNC for this 3rd party LON device does not work properly. 


R2 (Niagara) UNC


The Dynamic device shadow object, while very useful, is not always able to interpret the necessary data provided by every manufacturer of LON devices.  This coupled with the wide variety of third party LON devices available on the market may precipitate a need to have a custom shadow object created.


  1. Identify the 3rd party LON device in question by manufacturer, model, and programID.
  2. Check Exchange Extranet to see if there is a newer LON jar that has the shadow object.
  3. Contact Product Support Services to see if there is a jar with the required shadow object.
  4. If a shadow object does not exist, provide the XIF file and reference files for the device to Product Support Services.
  5. A new jar will be created and emailed to you.  Please allow 10 working days for this.
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