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Sigma 4.04 and 4.05 sites.


Can a Sigma 4.05 site be run in a Sigma 4.04 database.


Can a Sigma 4.04 site be run in a Sigma 4.05 database.


Sigma 4.04, Sigma 4.05.


The site is Sigma 4.04 but the engineer's laptop only has a Sigma 4.05 database.


The site is Sigma 4.05 but the engineer's laptop only has a Sigma 4.04 database.


The files that are common between the two databases are:

index.rec, indexex.rec, index.bin, pntfle.rec.

There are 2 options:

Option 1

Use VMWare and install the Sigma database to suit the site required. This is easier and more secure method.

Option 2

Only copy over the above files.

In the case of using a Sigma 4.05 database in a Sigma 4.04 database then the pointer.bin files need to be created using SigmaX. The node files etc will need to be manually created.

In the case of using a Sigma 4.04 database in a Sigma 4.05 database, then the site devicecnf.rec file can be upgraded.

Care must be taken when updating the Site Sigma database that only the index.rec, indexex.rec, index.bin and pntfle.rec are copied back.


SigmaX 6.02 will work with both databases.

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