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Sigma Animations are not moving in Sigma Graphics


Animations are not moving in Sigma Graphics






When a Sigma animation is created, the object assigned and the graphic is run, the animations do not move or rotate.


If a Sigma animation has been used  (for a BAS Legacy animation see Lessons Learned Article #7351) :

Identify the animation file in c:\sigma\data\graphics\animations\ and open with Microsoft Paint and note the no. of frames across and no. of rows.

Open the properties page of the animation.

Change the Frames Across and Num Frames (rows x frames across) to that seen in MS Paint.

Change the Width and Height by sizing the image in the preview window so that only 1 animation is visible e.g. 1 fan.

Change the Horz Pitch and Vert Pitch so that the animation moves completely to the next animation in 1 step.

Example: fan animated 4.bmp will be

Frames Across = 4 Num Frames = 8

Start Col = 1 Start Row = 1

Width = 267 Height = 267

Horz Pitch = 267 Vert Pitch = 267

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