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Sigma - Configuration of an IC3-Modbus working with 32 bit values.


Configuration and understanding 32 bit values.





32 Bit values


Correct configuration when reading the 32 bit value.


Below is a list of the actions carried when attempting to interface an IC3-Modbus to a third party Modbus device. The device instructions were not clear, and therefore this process was worked through.

  1. The gateway.txt  had been configured as had been suggested, but an error messages indicating the function code 4 was not allowed was received.
  2.  Modified the gateway.txt to use function code 3 which corrected the function code error, but now the register address still caused an error.
  3. Changed the gateway.txt string to 304,3,3,0xC652,1,1,0,0,0 and this eliminated the address errors, but did not return the correct value.
  4. Changed gateway entry string to 304,3,3,0xC652,1,0x0202,0,0,0 which is 32 bit unsigned value data not swapped. This still returned an incorrect value.
  5. Changed gateway entry string to 304,3,3,0xC652,1,0x1202,0,0,0 which is 32 bit unsigned value data swapped. This returned the correct value.

For a copy of the Gateway.txt file click HERE.

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