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Sigma - Device monitoring, alarm priorities and functionality.


Device monitoring, alarm priorities and functionality.


Sigma versions 4.04 and later.


Can the Sigma Device Monitor alarm have its priority or functionality changed?


On Systems using Sigma 4.04 or earlier an alarm produced by the Device Monitor is fixed to priority level 29 and cannot be changed.

On Systems using Sigma 4.05 or later a file named deviceMonitor.xml holds timing, retry and other information including the Alarm Priority level as highlighted below:


Note: do not change these settings without contacting PSS and fully understanding the implications. The Sigma server will need to be restarted for any changes to take affect.

As the alarm is not controller based, it does not have the same functionality as a plant alarm, and therefore cannot be routed or have "actions" applied it. There is no object associated to each controller and therefore it cannot be placed on graphics or referenced in a control scheme.

If the customer requires greater functionality, then the old method of controllers being monitored by other controllers, should be used.

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