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Sigma - How can I delete the logging configuration from a controller, in release 4.04?


How can I delete logging configuration from a controller, in release 4.04?



Release 4.04



Data set


Sigma 4.04 does not provide an option to download an empty logging configuration file.


The easiest way is to delete the logging configuration from a controller is as follows;

  • Select the Sigma "Logging configuration" option and then delete the unwanted logging data set.
  • Using Explorer, go to the appropriate controller folder and delete the logging config file, ( an example of this file could be  T0025400.100, where T00254 is the server and 00.100 is the controller).
  • In Sigma "System Diagnostics" select to download the logging config to the appropriate controller.

Another way to delete the configuration could be;

  • Select the Sigma "Logging configuration" option and then select and open the required log data set.
  • Delete all of the objects in the log dat set, except one, and then set that to log very infrequently, save and download in the normal way.
  • If you wished, you could then delete the log data set.

This will mean that the controller will still be logging one object, but very infrequently. If you have deleted the data set, then the next time the controller files are downloaded, the logging will be removed. 

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