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Sigma - How can a Sigma dongle be tested on a machine running SigmaX.


Sigma dongle needs to be tested or be registered.






SigmaX allows Sigma to run without a Sigma dongle being present, therefore the dongle cannot be tested.


Sigma software will operate normally on a PC / Laptop where a programmed Sigma dongle, or a registered version of SigmaX is present.

If a registered copy of SigmaX is installed on a PC or Laptop, then it will not be possible to test or register a dongle, until SigmaX is disabled.

To disable SigmaX carry out the following;

  1. Ensure you have kept a copy of your SigmaX unlock code, which can be entered again later.
  2. In Windows explorer navigate to C:\SigmaX\Bin\RegSigmaX.exe and run the programme.
  3. Choose "OK" without entering any codes. This will clear the existing SigmaX registration.
  4. Restart your computer.
  5. The Sigma dongle can now be tested or registered as required.
  6. On completion of your tests, go to C:\SigmaX\Bin\RegSigmaX.exe and run the registration programme again, this time you will need to enter your SigmaX registration code.
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