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Sigma IC-GEN 4.05 SEB and supported operating systems


Sigma IC-GEN 4.05 SEB and supported operating systems


Sigma IC-GEN release 4.05 SEB


New installation of IC-GEN and customer wants to know the latest version and its supported operating system(s).


The latest version of Sigma IC-GEN is Sigma IC-GEN 4.05 SEB.

Release 4.05 SEB IC-GEN provides rebranding to Schneider Electric. There are no other changes except for new build and release numbers. This release is shown as Sigma IC-GEN Build 3.43.07 in the installer, uninstaller and ‘About’ box. This release supersedes the previous Release 3.17 for IC-GEN (shown as Build 3.34.12 in the About box and Build 3.34.24 when uninstalling).

This version is supported to run on Microsoft Windows XP Professional (32-bit) and Microsoft Windows 2000.

(Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows 7 are not supported)

Refer to 'Sigma Release 4.05 SEB IC-GEN' release notes for details.

The IC-GEN 4.05 SEB software can be downloaded from the Exchange Extranet.
Once logged on, go to 'Products' > 'Satchwell' > 'Sigma' > 'Downloads' > 'Upgrades and Software'. The release note can be downloaded from 'Products' > 'Satchwell' > 'Sigma' > 'Release Notes' > 'Options'.

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