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Sigma - IC-Lon/IC3-Lon - Communications with other Lon network devices are lost.


Communications with other Lon network devices are lost after the IC-Lon/IC3-Lon has cold-started.



IC-Lon Integration controllers

IC3-Lon Integration controllers


The controller has been cold-started either manually or through the automatic process.


The final part of the engineering process of the IC-Lon/IC3-Lon, is for the file named NVConfig.bin to be uploaded from the IC-Lon/IC3-Lon to the Sigma server. If this file is not uploaded, then the IC-Lon/IC3-Lon reverts to its non-bound state.

The NVConfig.bin file contains information about the Lon bindings and is modified during the binding process when using LonMaker.

To upload the NVConfig.bin, carry out the following:

  1. Open "System Diagnostics"  on the Sigma server.
  2. Select the correct controller number.
  3. From the "Options" menu select "Upload Files" and NVConfig.bin

This file will now be uploaded and overwrite the existing file in the controller folder, and therefore when the controller next cold-starts, the correct file will be downloaded to it.

For more information on the Engineering process of an IC-Lon/IC3-Lon, please click here.

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