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Sigma - Logging off one user, logs another user on.


Logging off one user, logs another user on.







When a specific user logs off  the Sigma system, another user is logged onto the system.


This issue is caused by corruption of the GenCNF.rec and user files, there are two options available.

Locate a backup of the system files that was taken before the corruption occurred.

  • Shutdown the Sigma server and all clients.
  • Copy the GenCNF.rec file and the User folder from the system backup.
  • Paste the copied files into the Data folder.
  • Restart the Sigma server and clients.
  • Test the user access operation.

Rename the corrupted user.

  • System users cannot be deleted, they can only be re-named.
  • In the Sigma SSM / Users, highlight the User name and select to rename it
  • Rename the user to an appropriate name.
  • Create a new user to replace the old user, allocate the correct access levels.
  • Test the user access operation.
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