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Sigma - Object logging configured sometime ago, has stopped recording.


Sigma data logging  has stopped recording.


Sigma all versions


Logged data


Data being logged is no longer being recorded.


Assuming data has been correctly logged prior to this event, then it is reasonable to assume the general configuration is correct.

Have any changes been made to the Sigma server PC responsible for the logged data configuration? changes such as;

  • IP Address
  • PC Name
  • Changes to the network configuration;

If any of the above changes have taken place, then all controllers must be updated with the correct configuration files, This would generally affect more than one controller.

If the missing logged data is from one controller, then this may suggest one of the following;

  • The controller is unable to pass the logged data back to the Sigma server requiring the data.
  1. This may be due to mis-configuration.
  2. Network issues.
  3. Alarms or other data destined for a different Sigma server is preventing the data from being passed.
  • The controller does not have the logging configuration present, and therefore does not log any data.


Suggestions for checking a controller that is not logging data.

  • Can the controller be communicated with from the Sigma logging server?
  • Using the System Diagnostics request "Logging Servers" from the controller.

The above screen shot shows you the following;

  • Num Log Buckets - Number of objects being logged in this controller.
  • Num of Log Records in use - Number of tracks either being used, or already full and waiting to be transmitted.
  • Num of Log Records Free  - Records available to be used.
  • Num of Log Records Waiting Transmission - Full records waiting to be returned to the Sigma server. (Will always show zero, when on the same network as the Sigma server).
  • Server - This is the record of Log configuration received.

Using the System Diagnostics request "Logging Objects" from the controller.

The "Logging Objects" report shows the object numbers being logged and their associated data sets. 

  • If the objects are not shown in the above list, then the log configuration should be downloaded to the controller again.
  • The object will not be shown until the first log action has taken place.
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