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Sigma - Remote client will not start and generates an error.


When to  Sigma Remote Client is started a Runtime Error is reported, the error is as follows;

Programme c:\Sigma\Bin\Sigop.exe - Application requested runtime to terminate in an unusual way.

When OK is selected, the following is returned

Software exception 0x40000015 occurred in this application at location 0x7857bb47




Remote Client



The incorrect Sigma Client software has been installed onto the remote client PC.


The site has Sigma 4.05 SEB software installed, but the Remote Client had been loaded with Sigma 4.06.

Note - Sigma software releases cannot be mixed across Sigma Client/Servers and Remote Clients, therefore before adding a new Remote Client to a system, the existing site software must be established.

To establish the current release of software, go to the Sigma System Manager, select "Help" and "About Sigma", there you will find the Sigma build number.

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