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Sigma - Short Text not displaying correctly


Sigma - Short Text displaying correctly on local client but not displaying on the remote client


Sigma Version 4 releases


In version 4 Sigma the short text file is located in C:/Sigma/Data/Locality/English United_Kingdom (IF UK)/ This folder location is set by the regional settings of the PC. If there is a difference between the Sigma Client and Sigma Server then if new short text entries are added they can display on some clients but not on others.

An example of this would be if the server is set to UK locale then any short text added via the local client would appear in the UK short text folder. If you then have a remote client with the locale set to US then it will read the short text from the US short text folder which will not have the correct entry. Result will be an incorrect object display.


Check the Regional Settings for all Sigma PC's installed on the system.

For Windows XP and Server 2003 go to Control Panel>Regional and Language Options. On the first tab make sure the Standards and Formats and Location are set to the correct location. On the third tab Advanced make sure the Language for non-Unicode programs is set to the correct location.

For Windows 7 and Server 2008 go to Control Panel>Region and Language. On the first tab Formats make sure the Format is set to the correct location. On the second tab Location check the location is set to the correct location. On the last tab Administrative make sure the current language for non-Unicode programs is set to the correct location.

In summary all Sigma machines connected to each other need to be set using the same regional settings

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