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Sigma Transition in StruxureWare Building Operation, where the Sigma controllers and the ES are on different subnets - Global values.


Passing global between StruxureWare Building Operation and the Sigma system.



Global values

Link addressing


Globals are not being passed to or from the Sigma system.


This issue is being caused because the Sigma controllers are on a different subnet to the Enterprise server.

Sigma global data is passed between controllers using "Broadcast" messages, for instance. These messages are normally stopped by network switches/routers, and are not passed between different subnets.

To overcome this, Sigma employs "Link Addressing". For further information on this please review Lessons Learned 4613

As Sigma servers do not make use of the global broadcasts, on a current Sigma system there may not be any Link Addressing in place for the Server subnet, and this will mean that if an ES is placed on that subnet, it will not see any global broadcasts either.

When carrying out a Sigma Transition consider if there is a need to pass global data to or from the Sigma system, and if so, add a DNN3 to the subnet and Link Address it..

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