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Sigma - Upgrading existing 4.05 / 4.05 SEB sites to Sigma 4.06.


Upgrading 4.05 sites to Sigma 4.06






Overview on upgrading Sigma 4.05 versions to Sigma 4.06


General Overview of the upgrade process.

This overview is for background information only; ensure that, when upgrading, the instructions in sections 6.2.4 to 6.2.8 of the release note are followed.

This release provides upgrade utilities which, when run, detect the release at which configuration data was created and selectively convert it as required.

The main utilities are:

  • SgiConvert: Converts .SGI graphics and associated files to the original version of the .SWC format.
  • SigUpgrade: Converts all data (including graphical and tolerances) to the current release format. It must be run after graphics have converted from early .DRW (BAS) and .SGI (earlier Sigma) formats. It examines
  • Also available is the Graphics Optimisation Tool which converts BMP files to JPG files and amends file name references in associated graphics. This tool should only be used in specific circumstances. See section 4.4.3. Revised Web Optimisation Tool for details.
  • In addition any old BAS Graphics can be imported using a DrwSwcCnvrt utility.

During the upgrade it is necessary to shutdown all clients of the server. The point at which this is done must be chosen to suit site circumstances and to minimise downtime.

When Releases 4.00 and later is uninstalled, all data files are left intact (unlike earlier releases).

The Standard Client software release and the Web ActiveX Client software release must both match the release of the server software. Do not allow clients and servers at different releases to attempt connection during the upgrade process. This applies for both Standard Clients and Web ActiveX Clients.

If Remote Alarm Manager is used to read alarm data from Sigma, Remote Alarm Manager 2.0 must be used.

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