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Sigma - Upgrading the DeviceCNF.rec and GenCNF.rec files.


The User and Network device configurations were lost during an upgrade to Sigma 4.05.



Sigma 4.05 SEB


The formal of the DeviceCNF.rec and GenCNF.rec file formats changed with Sigma 4.05 SEB, and if these files are not correctly upgraded, then the Sigma general configuration, and Networks and Devices will be lost.


  1. On the Sigma 4.05 SEB machine shutdown the Sigma client and the Sigma server.
  2. Using a "Clean" Sigma 4.05 Data folder, (Clean, means a folder as it was installed during the Sigma client/server installation), copy your site Sigma backup files into the Data folder. Do not use complete Data folders from earlier versions.
  3. Using Windows Explorer, locate C:\Sigma\Binutils\SigUpgrade.exe and run it.
  4. Using Windows Explorer, locate C:\Sigma\Data\DeviceCNF.rec and C:\Sigma\Data\GenCNF.rec and confirm that their dates correctly show that they have been updated.
  5. Start the Sigma server and Sigma client, and confirm the configuration is as expected.
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