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Sigma Ver 4.08 upgrade. Only the default user is available on the system.


After upgrading from Version 4.07 to Ver 4.08, only the SIGMA USER is available when the user logs onto the system. All existing users and groups are lost.


Sigma Server


During the install process there is an option to start the sigma server once the installtion is complete. This will then create a default user file for the new installtion.


This release of Sigma (3.46.57) has a new file for storing the server details and user information. This file is GenCnfEx.rec. During the installation process there is an option to start the sigma server after the installation completes. Make sure this is not ticked if you are doing an upgrade as once the server starts it will create a new file with only the default user.

When the install is complete without starting SigmaSvr, run the upgrade program, then start SigmaSvr.

If the new file has been created in error, stop SigmaSvr, then delete the newly created GenCnfEx.rec file as it cannot be updated by simply running the upgrade program. Make sure you have your Ver 4.07 GenCnf.rec file  in the data folder and run the upgrade. This will then create the new file with the server details and user information.

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