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Sigma alarms are not received at the Enterprise Server


Alarms are produced by Sigma controllers, but these alarms are not received at the Enterprise Server


Enterprise Server

Sigma 4.08


Delayed alarms



When Sigma alarms are manually tested from the Enterprise Server, the alarms are received normally, but alarms occuring during normal operation on the Sigma system, can be delayed, or not displayed at all at the Enterprise server.

This issue is caused by the firewall.

If the Enterprise Server is initiating the communication with the Sigma controllers, then the firewall will normally allow any alarm messages from the Sigma controllers to pass through the firewall, and the alarms be displayed normally. When the Enterprise Server is not initiating the communication the Sigma controllers, then the firewall will normally prevent any Sigma alarm messages from passing through, and therefore the Sigma alarms will not be displayed.


The solution is to allow inbound communication to the Enterprise Server PC on port UDP 49152

Depending on the firewall used, the configuration steps can vary.


If Windows Firewall is not used: Consult your vendor manual. Example of Windows Firewall not being used

If Windows Firewall is used but managed byt the IT department: Consult with your IT department. Example of Windows Firewall being managed by IT

If Windows Firewall is used and you can manage it: See below

Windows Firewall

A quick solution is to use "SBO Firewall Config". While the tool is not officially supported, it has been used by various sites.

To manually add the exception to Windows Firewall, refer to Article #7502

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