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Sigma and SigmaX - Network connections


When using SigmaX as the method to unlock sigma sometimes the PC ID of the machine running the server can change and prevent any clients from connecting


Sigma - All Versions


When using SigmaX to unlock Sigma due to the number of network ports now available on modern PC's sometimes when connecting to sigma the Pc ID of the machine can change. This is usually caused by a different network port being used for the main network connection.


After installing SigmaX make sure that the PC is being connected via the local area connection (Wired). This will be used when generating the PC ID. To ensure this connection is used this connection can be made to be the first to be accessed. To do this open Control Panel>Network Connections>Advanced>Advanced Settings.

Using the up/down arrows on the right hand side, select the Local Area Connection and move it to the top of the list. It will then be the 1st priority when connecting to a network. You should then be able to use a wireless connection without the PC ID changing.

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