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Sigma low level alarm - Operlist.txt file missing


'Operlist.txt file missing' alarms are seen in the Sigma Alarm Manager. Operlist.txt files have been downloaded to the controllers and the controller's contents show that the operlist.txt file exist. 


Sigma 4.07 build 3.45.48 (upgraded from BAS2800+ or Sigma versions prior to 4.04)


The operlist.txt file is required for Sigma controllers. Starting from Sigma 4.04, the Sigma controllers uses a dummy operlist.txt file. There is no longer the need to create this file manually.
The Sigma server automatically creates a suitable dummy operlist.txt file for downloading to the controller. However, if an operlist.txt file exists in the controller / outstation folder, then that file will be sent to the controller and not the dummy one.

In this case, the existing operlist.txt files still exists in the controller / outstation folders. 


  1. Delete the existing operlist.txt files from the controllers / outstation folders. A quick way to do this is to use the Windows Search function to search for the file name 'operlist.txt' inside the C:\Sigma\Data folder and delete all the files together. 
  2. In Sigma System Diagnostics, download the operlist.txt file to all controllers. A dummy operlist.txt file will be created in each controller / outstation folder and the file will be downloaded to the controller. 
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