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Sigma server communication to ARC-net/Ethernet sub-nets via a DNN failing


Can't get comms stats from the DNN or controllers below the DNN. 


Sigma Communication


RIP Listener

Windows XP

Persistent routes


The Sigma server 'learns' the network architecture by listening to RIP messages broadcast by the network DNN's.   This is performed by RIP Listener which by default is not enabled on Windows XP.


Enable RIP Listener on the Sigma Windows XP server by;

  1. In Control Panel select 'Add or Remove Programs'
  2. From the left hand bar select 'Add/Remove Windows Components'
  3. Highlight 'Network services' and select 'Details'
  4. Enable 'RIP Listener'
  5. Select 'Next' and then 'Finish'


Add persistent routes as an addition to RIP Listener as a backup or if RIP v1 is not permitted on the system see Lessons Learned Article #3274

Use the DOS Command ROUTE PRINT to list the dynamic and persistent routes, check that the gateway address and network addresses are correct.

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