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Sigma will not launch displaying no error message or HTTP error.


Schneider's domain firewall policy


Engineer's laptops


Schneider computer/domain updates include McAfee firewall updates.
It has been witnessed on some laptops with a fully working Sigma system, after a recent (approximately 2014-04-01) Schneider policy update, the Sigma client fails to connect to the server.


Access to the firewall setting, on most engineer's HP Probook laptops is not possible.
A request has been made for exceptions to be added to the Schneider Electric firewall policy, to allow Sigma to load.
Until such time this requested exception is added disabling the McAfee firewall should allow Sigma to load.

Locate and, with a right mouse click, select the McAfee Icon (found on the taskbar near the clock).

From the list provided select "Quick Settings"

Then select "Firewall on",
This has a toggle action, if it shows "Firewall on" and you select it, it turns the firewall off. If it shows "Firewall off" and you select it, the Firewall is turned on.

The firewall will be disabled for a one hour period. 

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