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SigmaX is requesting an unlocking code


  • Installed SigmaX, but SigmaX will not open
  • Sigma will not seat a client and BAS 2800+ is looking for a dongle.


  • Sigma
  • SigmaX
  • BAS 2800+ tools


SigmaX requires an unlocking code


SigmaX 7.0.9 does not require an unlocking code, if your using an older version of SigmaX you will need to uninstall SigmaX and install SigmaX version 7.0.9.

Lesson learned article 11365 provides some information on the changes in SigmaX version 7.0.9 and provided a link were the software can be downloaded.




With the release of SigmaX 7.0.9 the following procedure is no longer required and will not be available in 2017

If you are a Schneider Electric employee you register your PCID number via Lotus Notes, or use the SigmaX Registration Portal if you do not have Lotus Notes.

Finding PCID:

The SigmaX PCID number for your SigmaX installation is provided by running t.he "RegSigmaX.exe" program (C).
The "RegSigmaX.exe" program (B) is located under "C:\SigmaX\Bin" (A).



For Schneider Electric employees with Lotus Notes

The engineer must be on the Schneider Electric network via VPN or office to be able to follow the steps below.

From the Lotus Notes client,

From the top menu, choose File then Application or Ctrl + O to bring up the Open application dialog box.


Click on the down arrow to the right of "Look in:" text area and choose from the list.  If it doesn't exist, then either type it in or select another server and modify the entry.

The list in the scrollable window should look like the picture above.  Scroll down the list until you see a directory called "apps".   Double click on this entry.  Scroll down the new list until you see "Sigma X Registration 2015"

Select the entry and then click on Bookmark.  From the next dialog box, choose "Bookmark bar" from the "Add to" list. See below.


  will appear in their bookmark bar or Open list. 

To access the application, click on the icon.



For partners and Schneider Electric employees without Lotus Notes

1. Go to to register all new SigmaX code


2. Log in

If you do not have access you will need to register using one of the options provided on the landing page

If you do not know your access details, you will need to communicate with your local sales representative


3. From the left hand side, select "Sigma Registration"


4. Click "Continue" to continue to the registration page


5. Enter the information required

A - Check the correct name is displayed.
B - Check the correct email address is shown, edit the address if it is incorrect. (The unlocking code will be sent to this email address)
C - Enter your office region.
D - Add the product identity number.
E/F - Select whether the unlocking being requested is either an addition or a replacement.
G - You can leave a comment regarding the request.
H - Submit the request.


Once your unlocking code has been approved (normally within the hour), you will receive an email with your new unlocking code.

Once you have registered your PCID number, you should receive an email each December with the next year’s unlocking code.

Download the instructions as PDF

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