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Site Access Control Lockdown Demo Programs


Site Access Control lockdown for the entire complex. But, also allow certain cards to override certain doors during an emergency situation.


I/NET site with access control


There is a requirement to lockdown an entire complex with a single toggle switch, but allow First Responders access to certain locked doors in the building.


 There are two different Demo programs for this process

  1. One Link program (Download One Link Zip file):
    1. MCI -- 7798
    2. DPU – SCU1284 (2 addresses)
    3. A maintained switch SPDT
  2. Two or more Links program (Download Two Link  Zip file)
    1. MCI – 7798 Link1
    2. MCI – 7793 Link2 – Channel “B”
    3. SCU1284 (2address) Link1
    4. SCU1284 (2address) Link2 – On second channel
    5. A maintained switch SPDT

Each of the above zip files have the following inside:

Note: This would be restored to your test bench, and then configuration implemented into a production site.

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