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Site Inventory and best practices


Inventory and Serial Numbers for each of the Host Computers


I/NET sites or Multiple I/NET sites under your responsibility


Desire to be organized and have site information quickly available


Easiest way to collect the Serial Number and version is from the Help/About INET.

For Schneider Electric PSS department to produce what listing they have on record, and what is on site could be completely different. Request a screen capture of each workstation with I/NET installed. This will gives you the exact release, build, User/Site names and the serial number.
Below is the splash screen which is seen when I/NET is opened:

Then organize in a spreadsheet or folder structure which is kept up to date with any changes in the field.

The trick is to have the correct screen capture from the correct computer. Designating as a File Master, Equalized Client, Remote Client, or Stand Alone would also be beneficial to have. Host Number for each Host Computer and hopefully a Static IP address would be excellent to keep in the spread sheet.

Hopefully this offers some help and tips on things that would be great to have quick access to.

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